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VimDownloader is a new, beautiful and simple to use Vimeo downloader for the Mac. It features the same user-friendly interface as iTubeDownloader. VimDownloader gives you the ability to download Vimeo videos all within a minimalistic and uncluttered user interface. One of the core elements of VimDownloader is its simplicity. With a click of a button, your hassle free downloading experience begins. When your download has completed, you are notified with a notification at the top right-hand corner of your screen.



Download Virtually Any Video

VimDownloader is built with robust algorithms that enable it to download a large array of Vimeo videos. Whether you want to download a documentary, short film or that viral that everyone is talking about; VimDownloader has you covered.


Multiple Windows. Multiple Possibilities.

With multiple windows, you now have the ability to multitask. Also, you can now have concurrent downloads – giving you even more power! However, it doesn't stop there, VimDownloader features automatic retry which intelligently retries downloads that failed due to internet connectivity errors.



Simple easy-to-use Vimeo downloader.

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System Requirements:

For OS X 10.8+, 10 MB space

Latest version: 1.2.0

13 Nov 2015

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