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iTubeDownloader 6 makes downloading YouTube videos even more enjoyable with easy-to-use features, such as a download queue, channel & playlist downloading, improved browsing performance and much more.

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From the beginning we wanted iTubeDownloader to be simple, yet incredibly powerful. So, our goal was to add even more features to iTubeDownloader but, make it simple to use – and that's what we did with iTubeDownloader 6.

iTubeDownloader 6 now has a download queue. The download queue will enable you to add multiple videos, and have the program take care of executing them in order. Also, you can have the program execute downloads simultaneously giving you even more power!

With iTubeDownloader 6 we added new features to make browsing YouTube easier. iTubeDownloader features multi-touch gestures so you can swipe to navigate the webpage, and with improved energy efficiency and performance, your notebook battery lasts longer between charges.

Downloading is as easy as 1, 2, 3

iTubeDownloader makes it simple to quickly download a YouTube video, channel, or an entire playlist to your Mac.

1. Navigate: Use the built in web browser for navigation. You can also simply paste a YouTube URL in the address bar and tap the enter key to navigate to the webpage.


2. Download: To download a video, channel, or playlist click the Download button in the toolbar.

3. Manage: The downloads list will then automatically open when a download item has been added. From here you can manage your downloads.


Free Download

iTubeDownloader 6

Powerful Downloading

iTubeDownloader comes with powerful downloading capabilities. iTubeDownloader takes care of the little things so, all you have to focus on is choosing which video, channel, or playlist you would like to download.

In addition to a download queue, we are now giving you the ability to download playlists and even entire YouTube channels with a single click!

Install the new Safari and Chrome extension which gives you the ability to send YouTube links back to the application right from your browser.

Sometimes your internet connection may drop, or you may have queued downloads from the previous night, only to wake up to failed downloads. Automatic retry solves this problem by intelligently retrying downloads that failed due to internet connectivity errors.

Enhanced bandwidth enables iTubeDownloader to download videos up to 5 times faster than previous versions.

Faster more efficient browsing

iTubeDownloader 6 features faster, and more efficient browsing. With features like multi-touch gestures, so you can fluidly navigate your page, and with the new JavaScript engine, iTubeDownloader 6 is even faster.

Multi-Touch is built into iTubeDownloader 6 so you can tap, scroll, and swipe your way around the web. In addition, you can use your Force-Touch trackpad to quickly, preview a link in iTubeDownloader.

With iTubeDownloader 6, web pages load faster. The Nitro JavaScript engine takes advantage of the multiple processor cores on your Mac, so you’ll notice fewer lags and pauses while you browse.

iTubeDownloader 6

It's our most ambitious update yet.

Wouldn't it be cool to have your favorite YouTube videos on your Mac? Start downloading YouTube videos today with iTubeDownloader 6!

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For OS X 10.10+, 16 MB space

Latest version: 6.1.4

18 Sept 2016

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